Responsibilities After Posting Bail

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Responsibilities After Posting Bail

When a friend or family member calls asking to get them out of jail, your first instinct is likely to post a bail bond without looking too much into the process of bailing someone out of jail. However, there are many responsibilities when using bail bonds to get someone out of jail that are important to be aware of.

Posting Bail in Albuquerque, New Mexico

In addition to a fee that is 10% of the bail amount, you have three major responsibilities when you’ve posted a bail bond to get someone out of jail:

1. See that the defendant appears in court. The defendant you are posting bail for must show up for every single court date.
2. If for some reason the defendant does not show up to court, you will take on the additional fees associated with hiring a fugitive recovery agent to bring the defendant to court.
3. If the defendant cannot be located after posting bail, you may be required to pay the entire bail amount set by court. If you put up collateral, it may be used to pay the forfeited bail amount.

If a defendant does not appear in court, a judge will issue a warrant for their arrest. At that point, the bail paid will be forfeited in order to recover the defendant, and a recover agent (bounty hunter) will be contacted to find the defendant.

Remember that as a bail bond company, we do not deal in guilt or innocence. You are required to pay the 10% fee whether the defendant was found innocent or guilty in court.

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Our bail bond company calls you two days before all trial dates so you can notify and encourage the defendant to attend. We also provide text and email notification of all court dates, so you will never be uncertain when the next trial date is scheduled. Contact us to begin the bail bond process in Albuquerque, New Mexico today.

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Although the bail bond process can be confusing, our bail bond agents are here to make it easy. Information is always free and available at Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds, so contact us any time you have questions about bail bonds, warrants or need jail information.
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