Community Custody Program AKA “CCP”


Published October 30, 2013 | By admin

The Community custody Program (CCP) at The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is a release option offered to inmates at MDC that is based on treatment and supervision instead of confinement. With approval from the Court, an inmate may be released on CCP pre-trial or post conviction. If released on CCP, the inmate may return home and to their place of employment. The main purpose of the CCP is to reintegrate an inmate back into the community.

In order to be released on CCP, an inmate must pass a series of background and warrants checks. The inmate must have a permanent place to live and or permission from the home owner to reside there. The owner or the residence must agree to comply with all of CCP’s rules. For example, the owner must agree to not have any alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms or convicted felons living in the residence. An inmate released on CCP is considered “in custody ” and must conduct him or herself as such while on the program.

To further qualify for the program, an inmate must have a basic telephone land line at the residence. The phone line will be used to hook up the CCP tracking device to in order to monitor the inmates movements in and out of the residence. The CCP ankle bracelet is not GPS tracking but can do similar things.

If an inmate violates the drug or alcohol policy, he or she will be taken into custody by CCP officers.