How much does it cost

Information about your love one’s status in jail is free. Along with a standard minimum fee of $75, our bail bonds are 10% the total amount of bail.

The cost for a bail bond is 10%, and is set by Federal law. My fee is 10% of the bond, no more, no less. If a bail bondsman tries to charge you more than that, you should seek another bondsman.

If the bond is for $5,000, then my fee is $500. My minimum fee is $75.

I work with City, State, and Federal bail bonds and I accept cash, check, debit cards, and credit cards for payment. If necessary, I will accept collateral equal to the amount of the bail. Collateral will be returned to you within 10 days of the bond being exonerated, regardless of whether or not your premium is paid in full. If you have difficulty in meeting the bail fee, I can work with you with 3% down and affordable payment plans. I will give you a receipt for your premium and collateral (if collateral is necessary to secure the bond).

The payment arrangements will be discussed when you come down to my office after we have had our initial discussion about the situation over the phone. We will discuss this arrangement after we have had a full discussion about your situation, the process going forward and I clearly and simply explain to how things work. All this would happen before you sign an agreement with me.This agreement will cover how the payments will be handled.

I can work with you in a number of ways to arrange for the bond payment in a way that best fits your situation.