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If your loved one is in Albuquerque City or Bernalillo County Jail, it’s important to get in touch an Albuquerque bail bond company like Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds right away. Jail processing can take several hours, so you need accurate information as to whether or not your loved one is ready to post bail for his or her release.

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You may find that if you try calling the jail, no one answers. Law enforcement members running the jails are often overwhelmed, understaffed and in some cases, not well-trained. Jail Web sites are not easy to read and the information is often not up-to-date or just plain inaccurate.

If you are not skilled in these areas, you may find yourself wasting time that you’d rather be spending getting your loved one out of jail! Let us handle the legwork for you with minimal time and paperwork.

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Depend on Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds to provide you with free information about your loved one’s status in jail. Let our affordable bail bond company do the things you aren’t sure about or can’t do. We’ll take care of the details so you don’t have to.

Once you learn more about the defendant’s status in jail, you can begin the bail bonding process. We provide affordable bail bonds in Albuquerque, New Mexico that are 10% of the total bail amount with as little as 3% down.

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Since 1984, Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds has provided affordable bail bonds to defendants in Albuquerque, NM. We guarantee that we’ll get your loved one out of jail or you’ll get your money back. Information about bail bonding is always free with us. Contact us to speak with a bail bond agent today.

At Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds, we mean business! Contact our Albuquerque, New Mexico bail bond company by calling (505) 243-0249 today.

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Although the bail bond process can be confusing, our bail bond agents are here to make it easy. Information is always free and available at Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds, so contact us any time you have questions about bail bonds, warrants or need jail information.
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