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Do you have a warrant?

Understanding Arrest Warrants

By tcraft | September 25, 2017

When someone has been charged with a crime and has yet to be sentenced, a judge will issue an arrest warrant, ordering their arrest. A person can receive an arrest warrant for many different reasons: neglecting to pay parking tickets, missing a court date, violating a term in your probation, or if they are suspected […]

Bail Tiles

Are There Different Types of Bail Bonds?

By tcraft | August 28, 2017

Watching a friend or loved one get arrested and booked with a crime is an arduous and painful process that can be challenging to navigate. Posting bail releases the defendant back into the public until his or her court date. However, there are different types of bails for every kind of charge, and it’s important […]

Bail bonds display on window

Bail Bond Basics

By tcraft | July 24, 2017

When someone is arrested and charged for a crime, they’re entered into the police record system and must wait for the judge to set bail. Defendants are ordered to pay bail bonds so that they can return to their communities until their trial starts. Bail is money or other property deposited with or promised to […]