How Do I Clear Up An Outstanding Arrest Warrant

Published November 14, 2013 | By Gmadrid

Arrest warrants AKA bench warrants are issued daily by the Courts. A Judge can issue a warrant for a variety of reasons. Some reasons that trigger a warrant are for a failure to appear in court, failure to comply with conditions of release, failure to keep an appointment with Probation/Parole officer, failure to keep appointment with a pre-trial services officer, failure to complete a court ordered program (such as driver improvement school), failure to pay fines or any violation of a court order.

Most warrants being issued have a bond amount attached to it, which can normally be posted by a bail bond company. If a bond is posted, the warrant will be canceled and a new court date assigned. If the warrant is for a driving violation, the person with the warrant will also get clearances to take to the MVD to reinstate the driver’s license. If the warrant is for a felony matter, many times the accused person must go through the booking process and then post bond from the detention center.