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Posting Bail – How To

If a loved one has just called you from jail, you are probably wondering how to post bail in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds is here to make the posting bail easy with free information that can help you post bail for a family member to get them out of jail fast—guaranteed.

How to Post Bail in Albuquerque

Information is free and confidential at Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds. When your loved one is taken to jail, he or she has three options to post bail and be released from jail until trial:

1. Cash bail. Cash bail means a defendant or loved one must post bail by giving the court the total amount of bail in cash.
2. Release on personal recognizance. The court or a judge may allow a defendant to be released from jail without financial security. The defendant will sign an oath to ensure the he or she attends all future court dates.
3. Bail Bond. Bail bonds at Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds is 10% of the full bail amount. Our bail agents post bond for defendants, with the agreement that the defendant will attend all future court dates.

Contact us 24/7 with any questions you have about how to post bail in Albuquerque, NM. See our pages about how to bail yourself out of jail and responsibilities after you’ve bailed someone out of jail for more information about the process.

We Mean Business!

Posting bail in Albuquerque can be complex, but you are in for a positive, friendly and informative experience at Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds. Our bail bond agents are the best in the city. Gerald Madrid provides pre-licensing and continuing education instruction for the New Mexico Department of Insurance. That means when other bail agents need help, they call us!

We are committed to making the bail bond process less confusing. Contact us for free information regarding bail bonds, local jails and active warrants today.

At Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds, we mean business! Contact our Albuquerque, New Mexico bail bond company by calling (505) 243-0249 today.

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Although the bail bond process can be confusing, our bail bond agents are here to make it easy. Information is always free and available at Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds, so contact us any time you have questions about bail bonds, warrants or need jail information.
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