What Happens Next

At Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds, we provide positive, friendly and informed guidance during what can be a confusing time. Our bail bond agents are the best in the city, and they will guide you through the complex process.

At Gerald Madrid, we know what we are talking about. We provide pre-licensing and continuing education instruction for the New Mexico Department of Insurance, which means when other bail agents need help, they call us. You should, too.

After we have had the introductory call, and I explain the initial process to you, you need to come down to my office as soon as possible.

After our initial call, I will immediately start the paperwork for getting your loved one released. This involves my contacting the jail via email and receiving confirmation from them to get the process started. This all happens before you even arrive at my office.

I will find out about your loved one’s status in jail. You don’t want to run down to the jail as soon as your loved one calls because it may be several hours before they are processed and bail is set.

Once you arrive in my office, I will review the next steps to getting your loved one out on bail. I explain, in detail, your obligations and the ramifications of bail. I promise that you will have a full understanding of what is going to happen before you reach agreement with me and you sign the necessary paperwork.

I pride myself on explaining the process clearly and simply to you. When you work with me, you will have a solid understanding of how the process will work and progress through the steps.

Bail Bonds, by Federal law, are 10% of the bond. No more, no less. So, if the bail is $5,000, you will need to pay $500. Judges in New Mexico are responsible for setting the bail fee. These fees are set based on different levels of crime. I accept debit cards, credit cards, and checks for your payment. I will also work with you on collateral for your payment, if you cannot afford the fee.

You will need to bring a pay stub to verify your working status along with your driver’s license for verification. While you are in my office, I will get the court date information for you. After the release, it is imperative that the individual show up for their court date.

When you work with me, you can be assured that you will understand the process, every step of the way, throughout the whole endeavor.