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We are not in the business of determining guilt or innocence. You are required to pay the 10% fee (or $75 minimum for bonds under $750) whether the defendant is found guilty or innocent in court. The bond premium is paid in advance. A bail bond is an insurance policy that assures the court appearances of an accused person. It does not determine guilt or innocence. When a defendant does not appear in court, the judge will issue a bench warrant for their arrest. The bail will be forfeited and a recovery agent will be contacted to find the defendant. The indemnitor is liable for all charges.

Jail bonds are also known as surety bonds or bail bonds. Jail bonds are designed to get a loved one out of jail while they are awaiting trial.

Once your loved one has been released from jail after the bond payment has been made, there are next steps that must be considered.

The most important thing is for you to make sure that your loved one appears in court on the appointed day and time. This is imperative, as you will lose your premium payment if this does not occur. As payer of the bond payment, it is your responsibility to ensure that this happens.

If your situation is that an individual has an outstanding warrant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contact me for help. Since 1984, we have provided metropolitan, state, and federal bail bonds to clients who were either recently arrested or have a warrant out for their arrest.

I am happy to help you learn whether you have an active warrant and what the bail amount is on the warrant. All of the conversations you have about outstanding warrants with our staff are 100% confidential and will never be reported to police.

Posting Bail on an Active Warrant

Turning yourself in on a warrant for your arrest can be scary, but preparing beforehand with help from my professional bail agents can make the process much smoother.

Rather than a lengthy evening in jail, I can help you plan ahead for a much simpler process. If your active warrant has a bail amount assigned to it, we can help you post bail to clear the warrant for your arrest. You will then receive a court date.

As stated above, once you receive a court date, it is absolutely imperative that your loved one appear in court on that date and time.

Information from us about an active warrant is free. We have the ability to look up your record and give you instant answers as to whether or not there is a warrant for your arrest.

As you can see, I can help you with any situation after the release from jail has occurred. Please contact me if you have any needs related to this type of situation and I will walk you through the process in clear and easy to understand terms.

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Although the bail bond process can be confusing, our bail bond agents are here to make it easy. Information is always free and available at Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds, so contact us any time you have questions about bail bonds, warrants or need jail information.
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