Jody Price
22:17 24 Dec 15
Got bailed out..... Alls well
Mike Otero
22:26 06 Mar 13
Out of all the bail bonds men in New Mexico Madrid Bail Bonds Is the worst. Beware once you call them you can not call any other bail bonds company for 24HRS, when they call to get information on the bond from booking there is an automatic hold where only they can post this bond. I was talking to a few companies to see how the whole bail bonds thing works, after I made my choice on who to go with I was informed that Madrid bail bonds had already got the information and were the only ones who could do the bond for 24HRS unless they called and removed themselves from it. When i called and spoke to Gerald he was rude and said i better do the bond with him and that he would not remove himself from it that this was his bond. I don't think so my Money my rules. I waited the 24HRS to go with another company best choice i made.
Silver Foxfire
19:59 08 Feb 11
Patricia was absolutely helpful in advising and supporting. She was perfectly nice in such a stressful situation. If ever I need anyone for this (I certainly hope that I don't!), I'm 100% going to call on Patricia again.
Gun Girl
23:02 30 Nov 16
franchesca lucas
15:10 19 Sep 16
thealmatic theextramile
15:42 25 Mar 17
Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds-I live out of town, so it was awesome talking to a live person on the phone . My representative was very helpful and provided me my information within 15 minutes. Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds was more helpful than my attorney who I was paying, and they provided services for way less. If you need help I would recommend to call them first. Thank you once again Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds.
Val Tso
21:02 27 Mar 18
Good experience.
Lenee Ortiz
01:36 10 Apr 17
Always exceptional service from Jaime, this time around called to get basic info. and spoke with Allison @7p she made me wait for 15 mins, never picked up the line so hung up and called again phone just rang and rang. Waited 20 mins called back again and same thing phone just rang and rang. Very disappointed in Allison. If u need service wait till night shift comes you'll get better service from Jaime.
Monica Perkins
22:32 04 Jul 17
Love it. Was very helpful and didn't mind working with you.
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