Getting Documents Notarized

Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds provides 24-hour notary services in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you are in need of a notary public, contact us any time, day or night. Our notary signing agents are always on hand to notarize your most important documents.

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is witness to the signing of important documents, and also administers oaths. This may include affidavits, deeds and powers of attorney, all of which may not be legally binding unless they are properly notarized.

Why do I Need Notary Services?

Important documents are notarized to deter fraud and ensure they are properly executed. The notary signing agent acts as an impartial witness, identifying each signer and making sure they have entered into agreements knowingly and willingly.

Do all Signers Need to Be Present?

Yes, it is important they all signers personally appear and show proper identification in order to receive notary services.

What do I Need to Bring?

You can receive notary services as long as you have a valid driver’s license, state I.D. or Passport. Most documents cost $10 per signature. A notary public is prohibited from notarizing a blank document.

What if the Document is Already Signed?

If the document is already signed, we can only notarize it if it is an “acknowledgment”. If it is an affidavit, we must require both parties to sign it in front of our notary public agent.

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